Monday, April 30, 2012

Of the promises of an exponential growth

There must be something wrong. I’m finding too many answers just too fast. If I were wrong, why would things feel like working for me? Am I really bending reality this hard? It’s not even like I’m being misguided by the line of thoughts, I have some very solid hints that this is no extreme delirium of mine.

But, if this quick growth is sure to be happening, it puts me to ponder what lies ahead. They say that exponential growth can only make two things happen, it will soon engulf everything, or the growth is to be stopped somehow. I find myself quite startled by this impediment, which is, of course, the alternative most likely to happen to me.

Should I slow things down and do things more patiently, and deal more carefully with the subtleties that could slowly get me into an exponential snowball of bad choices that will put me to a dead-end? Or should I make more efforts to risk trying the other alternative?

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