Monday, April 30, 2012

Of a firmly installed program

Every new month that comes I wonder if I’ll be able to make it, and have enough new ideas. There are moments when nothing comes, nothing is worth writing and I think that this is it: it’s over, now I’ll fall!

Fortunately, this project remains curiously strong. It’s one quality that I seem to have, one of these unexpected positive feedbacks. Aside from subtleties that menace a complete consistence of my ideas, it’s all very solid, thanks to a sincere and flexible approach towards failures. If I was more stubborn, it wouldn’t be just small details that wouldn’t fit together. But I’m working patiently and with sincerity, trying to spot all cracks I am able to, and things are working.

After so much insistence, it’s became natural and frequent, this trance that brings me meanings. Ideas now are so natural. It’s because although Hawthorne’s Block can prevent some ideas from coming, it mostly forced me to have them through this sincerity. Now, I’m not forcing ideas, just making the right pressure towards it, so when I see new patterns and equations, I find myself naturally engaged.

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