Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Prostration Haze

Unlike Zephyr Winds, Haze are the things that create the opposite reaction from me. For instance, instead of making me feel inspired, they make me feel disheartened, like those things I touch, my lines, my strokes, they feel too depressing for me to witness. Unlike the fresh zephyrous scents, hazeful scents are those of things too long unwashed.

Suddenly, this little motif has made great contribution in my fights against procrastinator. I feel much more compelled to clean all the mess around me and leave it all organized, clean and fresh when I know it will open space for well-being to blow in again.

It might be believed that pain and sorrow are inherently connect to haze, but some kinds of sadness, like melancholy, nostalgy and even some harsher feelings to be not nearly as demotivational as they would look like, but are rather harvestable.

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