Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Cracked Arguments

However uncomfortable, we must face the hard truths. We do bad decisions and say the wrong words with terrible regularity. But it’s not like we have to be conformers towards it. Enhance your sensibility and you can feel a bad decision is being made, and you can have the time to brake yourself in time.

After all, we can tell when we’re not sincere. We can feel those cracks, and we can prevent them from being released. If we fail to delete them in time, they will go to the world, but sure they’ll come back. It’s just natural, they’ll come back and haunt you, until you fix them.

But there’s some requirements for it. There’s the Hawthorne’s Block  and also the Quintessential Rule that seems to prevent this exponential snowball of bad decisions to become a insufferable weight inside me. I must let Vesta glow white to accept these mistakes.

It’s dangerous to be too passionately devoted to one idea and stick with the cracked decision, and bend the reality just to make the idea acceptable. However, one can only build this snowball to some extent; otherwise, these ghosts will hold you from going too far from them, and you’ll be trapped with your own misguiding stubbornness.

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