Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Checkpoint #13

April was a month for experimental reproduction. I wanted to repeat March’s structure, and I feel it kind of works well, for now. Unfortunately, in this battle against Procrastinator, he’s regained some grounds, and I’ve lost like half of the thoughts I had to talk about. And so I also wasn’t able to develop some leitmotifing to edge it all.

There was also the problem that I focused way too much on collecting annotations for Trance and Csillag (yes, it was the discovery of the month), and when it came to the second level, writing the texts, I hadn’t much resource to work on. But now I’ve realized I’ve spent a lot of time with those massive sylvan quintessences in my mind - I'm slowly getting the hang of the patterns for motif mining. Some of the other posts I had intended for this month were improving of the idea of quintessences, crests and spells. Unfortunately, as I noticed I wouldn’t have time to write about them all, and connected as they were, I had to take the whole chunk off. Eh, hopefully that's for the better, I will develop them some more.

However, it was an incredibly productive month as I started martial exercises for my drawing skills. Since the beginning of the month, at least three days each week, after the work hours I go around the bookstore I work at and pick something that feels both interesting and challenging. There's plenty of stuff, plus there's always people around to talk with. Though I like the isolation for this intimate activity, I felt doing it surrounded by people makes me avoid the shrinking of the loudening's zone.

I was almost forgetting about the anniversary of this blog! Now, that's something I'd like to celebrate, a year  that is added, instead of subtracted. I honestly had no expectations I would be in this place right now from one year ago. But still, I felt better when releasing the posts last month. Really euphoric. Now I’m really distressed, as if I failed horrendously. Maybe this isn’t a worthy monthly offering, but the regret will probably allow me to make a harder martial effort with the new chances. 

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