Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindscape #12

The moon was shining on the waves, and a little island distant off the shore also was being bathed in the littoral moonlight. It felt like visiting a closed theater and walking around the stage without all props and lights. During the day it would have been filled with people, young men and women enjoying the fruits of life. They had sun, they had sports, drinks and food and flirting, but now, it was silent and desert, and even the crash of waves were shy.

The distant horizon allowed by the moonlight featured a lonely lamp light of some fishing boat. It made me think of this lifestyle so different from mine, these fishermen so daring to face usually dark nights in the wild open sea, must be terrible to have the feeling of being lost in the dark waterworld. I don’t recall ever being so distant off the shore to barely have any touch with civilization (probably reduced to a little line of dotted lights in their point of view) and being surrounded by a scenario that isn’t even fit for humans to live in. But today this moon must be looking beautiful in their eyes too. Moments of clarity like this don’t come too often.

I saw this particular wave reaching further into the sand. Is the tide growing high? I looked up to the moon. Is she doing it, in front of my eyes? Suddenly, when I looked down below again, I felt I had the realization that I perceive the distance of the sea and the surface of the planet (maybe even see a slight curvature?) and this beautiful white ball being an enormous orbiting satellite, affecting all of our lives.

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