Friday, May 31, 2013

Of crest creativity

I think I’m having a broader sense of practical expectations of my ideas, that I’m wondering what uses I could have for all these thoughts on crests and gems. I’ve been just letting it grow because it was feeling interesting, but fortunately it’s very useful for this lifetime pursuit of mine. After all, it’s my secret fuel for creativity and inspiration.

There are three main applications of crests to use as my source of creativity. The first one is the one I use the most, and that doesn’t require much skill (as it can’t even be controlled directly), that is the regurgitation process. All things I see and absorb later come in form of almost fully developed ideas (or at least bright sparkles).

As far as it’s going, it’s really helping me in having all the creative ideas I’m needing, as the regurgitation can also be more than the golden time of regurgitation which is bed time (or the silver shower time and bronze bus commute).

The second thing, it’s this still mysterious relation between crests and trances. There must be those arcane paths to trances that can be learned so the trance can be ignited at my own will, but so far I’m only making it through mostly trial and error. Maybe it’s some mixture of using abscission arks or other anti-scourger strategies if there’s any poignancy in my mind, and then I need to know how to blend the right crests that are having enough Release&Restraint power.

But the third and most special use I think I can get for crests, is simply the transference of these feelings to others, through the expression of my own mindscapes, or the artificial creation of special dioramas. For the stories or illustrations, I think it’s very important to have a nice notion of these mindscapes components and what makes for a good combination, and how to use them wisely to bring a nice effect on the viewer.

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