Friday, May 31, 2013

Of crest radiation and magnitude

Watching the world and seeing and absorbing it in its details is a vital part of this process of understanding this psychological event I call the crests. And the most vital part of this absorption is to pay attention to the emotional responses and how my mind is reacting to it all. I think that’s a skill that grows with time, so maybe for now I’m still very rough in it…

It seems I can feel the crests in small samples of what the gems represent, like feldspar, dunite or the chrysogems. For instance, a light shadow, or a small squirrel, a little rock, house, or a small amount of open air (like a balcony outdoors surrounded by buildings – that being isolated from direct sunlight during most of the day makes it feel slightly wet and cold).  This way, even those apparently crestless details of the world have their gems too.

These low magnitude things require some microtasting skills or something like that. It also has to do with something similar to Balrog’s Bawl, as I could try feeling this low radiation of crests, and intensify the feeling so it will increase and I can imagine a thicker dunite (like shadows of clouds imagined to be a sky-darkening storm), or then seeing this kitten and imagining a tiger.

When I think about it, I find that I might be unraveling more than I expected to, because now I feel I understanding a little better how dreams can work. Apparently, having those radiation valves gone mad (which can happen with the unconscious mind being set free, be it through dreams and imagination, or dementia and trauma), the level of radiation we experienced earlier isn’t registered. Instead of a tiny animal, we can dream of beasts instead of our pets inside our house, or then another kind of monster instead of a fatherly figure…

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