Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindscape #19

It’s amazing how sometimes routines can make us live life to its minimum potential. For the sake of convenience, we don’t explore much of different paths because we just want the faster, quicker one. The breaking of the routine can be very refreshing and revitalizing in that sense, when one day I just went to a part of the town I had never been before, and it felt like a different world (which can be quite shameful under some point of view).

I got there early in a very cloudy morning, and I had more than an hour before the schedule at 11am, so I took the time to search around for something I’d been postponing to buy. As I walked around this strangely venue I had always seen only parts of from the distance (or on google maps), and I saw I was really close to the sea, but I was only getting there when I had done what I had to do.

The traffic had a considerable motion, though it was rather eventless, as those times of the day when everybody is at work or at school, as it usually is. Strange thing, this hour of the morning, it was reminding me of my favorite tv shows when I was a kid. They were aired always from 10am until 12pm, and I couldn’t help but remind of all these nickelodeon cartoons and Japanese tokusatsu shows from eighties or early nineties.
Even this unknown place was making me recall this time, when lunch was almost ready and I had no worries.

The sea was there to my left, and I was going towards it finally. Suddenly the intensity of the arterial road was behind, and this seemed to be a more reserved residential area. And finally, there it was, the sea. It was a bay, with coasts on both sides and a short escape to the ocean ahead.

The water was pale, reflecting the same gray tones of the sky. It was also very, very calm. There were virtually no waves. It’s to wonder how this great mass of water can simply reach the land with no conflict. The encounter of the two main geographical characteristics of the planet, and it happened peacefully.

The song I was listening to seemed to be some ambient song with a triphop beat. It was also part of a science fiction concept, and it felt exactly like late nineties, which is exactly when this album seems to have been released.

There was nobody here, just some elderly people at some fruit stalls behind. The sand was untouched except for some steps, two or three different types of footwear. Other than that, nobody could be seen in this small beach (probably inappropriate for bath). No one but two people, far to my left, two people on a little rowboat some yards into the sea. Were they fishing or using the isolation of water to have a moment of their own, I’ll never know. No one will ever know. This place is empty. Suddenly I realized, I was alone and I was free. I was free to be me, to feel like what I like to feel about myself.

There was no surveillance, no cameras, no guards. Not much of social standards. No one was watching us. No one was trying to rule us. We were free. We had freedom, until the world called us back to our duties.

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