Friday, May 31, 2013

Of doppelganger generations and hypnotizing quartzes

There are moments in my life when innovation doesn’t even seem to be a thing. The elaboration of Delta Files has been showing me that when I have new zephyrous experiences, I want to redo them. If it wasn’t for that recording, I wouldn’t be noticing how my time sometimes is spent trying getting myself going back to past experiences.

But this chase of reexperimentation of things I’ve lived so far is not like I’m trapped in the past, but it’s the simple affirmation that I am made of the past, as the only thing I can possibly be. The problem would be if I just spent my life living the past generations again and again, without any innovation, without any kind of refreshment.

The problem is when something we lived through becomes hypnotizing and we can’t think of nothing else besides it. So one finds one music genre that defines them and they spend the rest of their lives listening to that type of music mostly. That is what I find really dangerous.

But the whole point is, at this point I have some very defining characteristics already. Even if I want to try to chase all that is new, there’s not much escape from the main families of crests. It has to do with the age, when there’s not so much novelty to make me feel innovation, but development and strengthening of existing crests and gems.

It seems I’ve reached a moment in my life when I don’t think there’s nothing in the world that feels entirely, completely new to me. That would be far, very far from saying there’s nothing left for me explore and that could give me some of the amazing Zephyrous Windstorms. But even if it’s shallow the crest I have with all the topics in the world can offer, I feel that I’ll already have it related to something.

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