Friday, May 31, 2013

Of crests for scents and fabrics

The making of gems is supposed to be tricky and delicate, but not extraordinarily complicated. I just start noticing a trend of a feeling, and when I know its origin and I understand it, I give it a name that feels at least remotely fit, and it’s ready. The problem is when there’s no solid presence of the quintessence, which is something much common with scents and fabrics, which are in the mindscapes that show the greatest defiance against gem-making.

As for the crests of scents, it’s scattered around the gems, with some being part of a larger body, or sometimes having a gem only for it, which is the case of olivine so far. But I don’t know much else how to do with other tiny elements. And the same is for fabrics, which is how I’m referring to things like things made of wood, iron, concrete, glass or other things. I’d think about giving some of them specific gems, at least wood and concrete which I had even chosen names for them, but I don’t know if that would work.

Maybe the best solution would be to have a gem to represent these elements, exactly like the Weatherstones. It’s my most viable option, but I’m still considering how I could focus on the scents to have them become one gem, because they are much more diverse than weather, which is all from the air, all from above, whilst scents only have my nostrils as a common meeting place. For instance, the scents of cleaning products and scents of grass are to me almost like different worlds, and it feels like they have to be like different gems. But as tricky as it is, I will take those steps very carefully before this kind of decisions.

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