Friday, May 31, 2013

Of deliciously unfathomable mindscapes

I don’t feel as much intimidated or frustrated when having feelings out of my range of gems, as I feel delighted for the possibility of having a new experience, a possible new type of crest and possibly a gem in the future.

The deal with these mindscapes is that I really don’t know much why it’s going on, unlike other easily defined mindscapes with peridot, garnet or lazulite components. And I don’t know if these are just sylvan crests or even a new crest being created, or feeling things in their own identity rather than some gem series, or then a new layer over it all, or just the reminder that this quest of mine is foolish and the world is too big and varied for this silly attempt.

Now, these unfathomable mindscapes happen usually with music giving me some mood (when ‘howlite’ isn’t enough to describe it). I think I said this before, but as unfathomable as the mindscape keeps being despite my increased range of understanding of its crest components, the more it becomes something more important for me to understand them, because their gem-defying mystery is appealing, just like puzzles are more enticing than our resolved routines.

When there’s a situation of an unfathomable mindscape, I’m engulfed in the fascination to understand it. Fortunately after so much time understanding how mindscapes work with crests, I am getting skilled enough to know at least what is probably making that unfathomable mindscape work, so I can at least know how to make it last longer.

Usually the circumstances of the world that allow me to experience the feeling change and the study is over, but at least there’s something for the wehmut to store and process, so it can be artificially emulated later.

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