Friday, May 31, 2013

Of Causal Association

As I’m trying to adapt to the Tankobon Rule, especially the troublesome Hangar III, I’m finding it relieving to see that several topics can be used by the other two tankobon hangars, like some herderite ideas for the String Story, or some hiddenite topics for my Crest Theory, like the R&R combination or then the Causal Series.

So far the Causal series seem to have the Adherence/Aversion and also the Assumption. Just to prevent a returning quintessence, I’ll first remember these old definitions. The Adherence and Aversion are just the way an experience we have can end with positive or negative impressions, so we’ll later feel attached or then abhorred by it. Either way they are crests. The assumption comes as some form of conclusioning or expectancy for certain events to keep happening, like trances in certain situations like every bus commute (and that’s almost like a sabotaging mindtrap).

The Association here is to be used in a slot around the Adherence/Aversion and the Assumption. The Association is about things that become correlated, such as coexisting elements to certain experiences we’ve had, that aren’t normally used together. It’s in, say, sexual identity, when the experiences we’ve had end up with associations with certain locations, smells, clothes or other things, and those things turn us on. It can be some more exquisite, like the tv playing Spongebob squarepants and everytime you remind of that first night (though probably spongebob’s laughter giving you naughty thoughts is bizarre). See, as sex feels important to our lives and can be traumatic to people if it goes awkward enough or we feel sexually frustrated through rejection, it has to do with most impacting events of quartz.

Another common event related to Causal Association is that I usually see someone making a comment about a song, movie or person or place and then when I have contact with the commented object, I recall the person. Depending on mysterious circumstances, this association that starts existing between them vary enormously, sometimes these two being synonymous, like each one was part of the other’s identity, the two being part of the same quintessential marble.

So, similar to radiation, this is also another effect that seems to explain the confusing compilations of elements in dreams. The unpaired elements end up having combined crests of each mindscape, making then the other crests be available for recalling when one crest is brought back. For instance, when one quintessential marble is reached in our dreams for some reason, the unrelated element now associated with this quintessence is brought up, instead of the expected element. This way, instead of the person coming up in our dreams, something else associated to it is brought up. Now, why does our mind always take the difficult path to express itself?

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