Friday, May 31, 2013

Of dioramas and artificial mindscapes

I was thinking about those lists of mindscapes to post this month, when I noticed something very particular was going on. There were some experiences I had, some feelings, a quintessential gathering I wanted to dismount into pieces to see how every part was playing the role of how that feeling became that feeling, when I noticed those mindscapes weren’t actually mindscapes.

They were dioramas. Apparently, I can have some mindscapes happening so frequently that they were being enacted directly in my mind, like some sort of stage of a dream, which is another frequent topic, the way actual dreams are always around these topics of crests and mental abilities I have, like this memory-making phenomena.

I can’t really know I’ve had an actual memory about it, like this diorama featuring a cloudy beach, low vegetation and owls. Mindscapes are solid experiences that happened for real, and sometimes it seems these dioramas happen like the amalgam of experiences, so it may or may not be a forgotten memory of some sort.

In another almost unrelated topic, dioramas can also seem to be created when some gems inadvertently get mixed when I’m thinking about them, and somehow a scenario appears. It once happened when the quintessences named turquoise, topaz and tourmaline once were together (probably because I was at the moment in a shopping mall near a highway).

The composition of this particular diorama was, naturally, of an instantaneous quintessence that became more defined as I thought on it. It was a modern place, with white tiles, bright-looking floors, minimalistic furniture and some walls replaced by windows. An artificial lake, pond or waterfall was around giving a relaxing ambience. Facing east, there was a vast field outside with cloudy, dark sky and the grass was orange-like due to the sunset light. And that part of the field is one of the most iconic characteristics of dioramas, which is how I can feel it shaping itself, grabbing and trying the actual memories of landscapes I have for it to use to its own manifestation.

Though some answers brought me more questions (like this apparent sentiency of dioramas, or the notions that ideas seem to exist before someone even had them), slowly I’m getting more used to the concept of dioramas, as it’s becoming more defined and less mysterious and it’s getting more exciting to explore. I’m seeing I’m having much more of them than I possibly expected, and I’ve been even witnessing the birth of dioramas.

 If that can go on, then I can even manipulate it for some creative purposes, using my actual mindscapes for the artificial creation of dreamful dioramas.

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