Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindscape #13

The day was almost over.  It was cloudy and the rain had already played its role during the day, leaving trees soaked with water dangling dangerously from their leaves (had you shaken the leaves while under them). Streets were all wet and most of the sound was from cars and vehicles passing by and leaving a trail of water around and behind them. 

All I wanted was to be at home, taking a hot shower or drinking something steaming, watching some tv show or resting in my bed, but the bus I was in had still a long way to go. It wasn’t properly dark yet, but there were already lights on inside residences and some smaller stores. The commerce was almost closing and few people were willing to walk around if it didn’t mean going home for the day.

Now we were passing by an isolated part of town, trees and rocky hills surrounding the highway. These pine trees reminded me of the other part of the state that featured a vegetation like that. Somehow it also made me think of Europe, or even more specifically, Netherlands, and there was also something that reminded me of the cloudy nineties. This contact with the nature wouldn’t bring serenity as cars were passing in high speed, the river of white and red lights flowing rapidly.

Suddenly, the highway passed through a high and rocky wall on both sides of the road. The light inside the bus made the interior be reflected on the windows, and I could see everybody’s tired faces, holding on the grips with whatever last energy they still had. Here and there people were chatting, and few were still showing signs of energy, reading a book despite the moments of trembling, braking and acceleration of the bus, or then they featured relaxed faces, eyes closed embarking in some song or thinking about their lives or their problems while staring at the wet world outside. 

But most people on the seats were so tired they were sleeping already, even if in a precarious situation. The day wasn’t actually over, but for most it already was and the rest of the night was just to rest and reload for the next load of work, routinely wearing us down.

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