Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindscape #20

I step outside the building and suddenly I’m engulfed by the warm sun of the early afternoon. Not harmful and sweating, but the cozy light rays of autumn that give my clothes that nice smell. 

A girl was walking her dog without hurry, apparently enjoying the same warmth of the sun. In my ears suddenly I had an iconic song by a famous brazilian rock band, and suddenly I’m loving it so much. It’s strange to realize how much it’s striking a chord with me, for being part of my life like this.

I used to dislike the instrumental part of their music but I’m enjoying it now. After having travelled through so many musical lands, I’m back to one of the basics to any Brazilian music listener, and I see how beautiful everything is. I had even forgotten about this eight minute long epic that still sends chills down my spine every single time I listen to it, in a way only this song can do. The lyrics, for which I have always had a terrific respect, are still relevant, intelligent, poetic and acid. And it’s delightful to see how easy to sing along my own native idiom, in a tone similar to my natural voice. The pace, the intonation and pauses, everything comes naturally.

Heading to the university now, where other young students were also chasing their dreams, all like me, all having the same language, a very similar cultural background, all growing to those same songs and about romantic misadventures, revolt against the political, social and economical scenario. All of us, an urban legion of several generations growing with those melodies and impacting sentences.

Suddenly I’m feeling like belonging, which is a very warm feeling to have. It’s delightful to see myself sharing parts of my life with others, no matter how little the piece of similitude is.

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