Friday, May 31, 2013

Of crest-defining gems

I like keeping a certain theme to naming gems, so I can recall them more easily, and also it becomes less of a whole mess of all those seventy gems without any hint to guide myself through them. Because of this there’s the craft gems using the H letter, the things that require perception of space and size are the chrysogems, and there’s also the names of gems that I expect to recall the symbolized elements behind. But there’s one specific theme I didn’t notice was a theme until very recently.

There are some gems that are the colorless ones, depending on, well, lots of things, but I imagine them colorless. These are the Quartz, Diamond and Crystal. And these gems deal with notions that basically define more abstract notions of crests. It’s almost as if they’re some layer to all the other imagetic elements. 

Quartzes tell about the impact of our experiences. The higher was the quartz meter in the experience, the more it will be remembered in the future. Diamonds are about the new experiences, discovery and novelty. In a way, they can be almost confounded with Spy Crests (but you see, diamonds are clean). And Crystals, in its own generic definition, is what the concept of crests simply stand for in the first place, as the things from our experiences that are inside us and define us. The actual definition of Crystal, though, is slightly different, as it’s a special feeling that’s tinted in objects here in there, and it has a particular quintessential emotional response, like lazulites.

Now when I think about it, this isn’t all that define crests. I can’t even remember what other characteristics crests are supposed to have, and that means something, as it feels like I never even gave it too much thought, but I’m sure there are hidden definitions to be found.

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