Friday, May 31, 2013

Of Conundrums (and crest creation)

I am a little worried about the Hangar III ideas, because of the lack of concision and connection among the thoughts there. So I left some bunch of them out of the release, but I’ve been thinking again, and this notion I’m calling conundrum suddenly became important in the context of Hangar I texts.

Conundrums have bore the meaning to me, differently from its actual significance, of certain paradoxical attitudes we have to come up with in order to overcome it. It is quite like those metatraps (as for those who hate haters), except this is the opposite or something like that. For instance, when one gets tired, the solution is always to practice harder, which makes the person more resistant. It’s giving out more energy when we’re already low on it. The conundrum is when the cure is the doing exactly what seems to bring the disease, which causes a lot of doubts and hesitations.

In relation to the idea of crests, I wonder how the new crest can be formed, if it requires an existing crest for a mindscape, the crest generator, to happen in the first place? That is, the creation of crests require crests. Sometimes when I try having my usual soundtracked mindscapes by using some piece of music that brings no emotional response from me, I am usually without the needed mood for the mindscape to happen.

One of the theories I have is that a new crest comes invited in a mindscape hosted by the existing crest. Such is the idea of new genres of music being introduced by a band with a wide public used to one type of music, and the similar can also happen with other kinds of arts, when something more classical is introduced through what is popular and accessible.

It turns out to me that the crest conundrum presented here is that in order to look for the future and to have new crests, one must face the past and be guided with past crests. Though, of course, one can always try something more like a sudden revolution instead of a slow evolution.

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