Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindscape #14

When childhood leaves us, it seems the sun abandons us as well. All these sunny afternoons just don’t exist no more as we spend our days in cubicles and office rooms, sometimes having even no windows to see the world outside. Walking around the streets with the high sun feels almost strange, as this becomes a feeling reserved for weekends.

Fortunately, I had my chance to find a nice resting place during the lunch break. The sun was warm and the tree I was resting under had a very fresh shadow. The bark of the tree and the grass were almost moistened. The wind was pushing through the leaves of the trees and the patches of sunlight on the ground were never still, like a multitude of kids running and playing and pushing and laughing with their infant energy.

In this moment, I could enjoy the distancing from wordly problems. No awkward confrontations, no issues that can’t be resolved, no peer pressure or getting worried about things I feel I can’t do. Right now, I wouldn’t think about absolutely anything that could take this valuable peace from me, and this moment recharges me for some more hours.

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