Friday, May 31, 2013

Of stretching of quintessences

My creations usually feel like a thick concision of elements in one essence, or something so tumultuous that it needs several minor creations to explain the larger body. The result is a constant process of fractalization, though it’s not something symmetric, but organically unbalanced. 

Putting it this way, in the early days there were only ten gems that felt very thick and broad in their definitions. The dissidences came and now they’re much thinner, sometimes feeling almost dangerous, but also much easier to handle. As for the stringed story, the Fire Ensemble are still intact with zero dissidence and very thick and defined essences; the scourgers are stretching quintessences just like gems.

Similar to it, there’s also the idea of the quintessence needing a surgical dissidence, as for the original essence is showing some protuberance or tumor, something that doesn’t quite belong to the same body no more. And that’s how rough it is to make those dissidences, because it needs to be done carefully so there will be no parts from one in the other.

This presence of protuberances is how I feel with some gems (and also Zhu Rong), though I’m worried about the thoughtless decision of removing every sign of one of those tumors. Every now and then the dissidence is necessary as the thickness of the quintessence is too high and the separation happens almost by itself, but I end up losing control of the growth of new thoughts and ideas and perceptions.

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