Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mindscape #11

Human concerns vanished while sun rays descended through the leaves and danced on the ground. Aside some fences, stables and this road I was walking on, there were no other signs of the interference of man. My connection with nature was about to begin.

In my ears I had a Czech song called Slun├ęcko. It was strange though, that someone could understand this feeling, and a song could translate all this all the way. There is a perfect match between this song and the place I was in, as if it had been written there, for that very purpose, even though I wasn’t even aware of the meaning of the song. There were long notes sustaining the length of the breeze, and other dancing notes following the brisk movements of hummingbirds.

It was a sunny Sunday morning. This road went east following the curves of the river, and it seemed to go all the way around the world if I just kept walking. This road was sided by eucalyptus trees. The fresh scent of nature was all over me, being brought by the tender winds of spring.

The peaceful scenario was highlighted by the vivid and joyous greenness of fields. Just beyond the trees, the cattle were calmly spreading around the grasslands. The side of the road was sided by yellowish leaves and flowers of nearby trees, and I could walk it down forever.