Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Crest Dioramas

There are mysterious crest formations in my mind. The one I’ve talked about before is this german-like farmhouse. However, in this charged realization that has helped me create this motif, there are several others around my mind, but I am still trying to understand them. It’s those images in my head I mostly don’t know their precise origin. Mostly guesses.

They seem to be a scenario formed from not one actual experience, but rather a display of my other crests, including some gem-defying ones. They gather together somehow, and I’m calling them Crest Dioramas, in which they can actually represent these more theoretical gems in an actual way I can perceive them.

It seems dioramas are some sort of a higher level of mixture the crests can form. Some crests I can feel my mind retrieving are from a current experience, but dioramas can almost be felt without reference, and the dioramas are those I can’t really spot the origin. There are some crests could even feel like dioramas, but they aren’t really mysterious in their origin, like this Caribbean Night crest, which is basically from Monkey Island games.

Some of them I can remember since I was a child, while others became more recent realizations, but it’s interesting to have them packed like this. So, for now I have these four, huh, official dioramas. I have for now these, named very roughly, the German Farmhouse, the Cloudy Highway, the Forest Party Lights and Saturday Park Visit.

It’s good to have them perceived like this, and I have my head a little more organized now. However, I don’t have the intention to have more than these four because I am tired of all those dozen series of collectibles filling up space. Also because these dioramas is something my mind does on its own, and I don’t want to interfere with it for now.