Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Iskald, the cinderman

Aftergoal issues are much older than this character exercise I’ve been doing, and the terrible disillusion is the worst part of it. The feeling of seeing my effort having no impact or living strength can present Sigma levels that allow the existence of a character to represent it.

Iskald is how I am going to call this feeling of impotence towards my accomplishments as they can so be turned into nothing but waste of time. It’s Iskald who makes Hephaestus’ gold turn into ashes. The dismay is so damaging that thinking about trying again to see it all be destroyed again makes the whole activity meaningless.

However, Iskald is not dangerous entirely by his own. Here he is more like just one important agent, very closely related to Frosq. This is the one who can chief operations to avoid me from going on. It’s the meaninglessness of creating things when they suddenly have no value at all.

Still, I don’t know how to make his existence completely fitting. Does he invade Hephaestus’ castle and destroys his machines and apparels? Are they like fortresses or other buildings that are suddenly burned down? No, it doesn’t feel quite right. But I do have a picture for him, though, and he is a tall, not all pale and evil looking. He has those observing cunning eyes, but he feels even slightly charismatic. I picture him like Karkaroff from Harry Potter 4. However, I wonder if there’s approval of the quintessential rule for this one.