Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Gemstones v2.0

A lot of time has passed since I’ve last checked on my list of gemstones. And it’s interesting to see how minor perceptions are now glaringly obvious to me. It’s the issue regarding the Overloaded Blindfold, as some of these marbles were overburdened with different shades of meanings that I am now definitely splitting them apart.

One of the meanings I had in the Aquamarine is the requirement of socialization. I’ve decided it’s not one only, but I’m dividing it into three levels of gems regarding social needs. And it’s fortunate I didn’t rush to name the three most famous gems when I just decided to name crests after gemstones, so they are still available and they fit well.

The three social gems go like this. Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. It is a level of social requirement that increases from Emerald on the way to Ruby. Emerald is the need for being surrounded by people, or being happy with their mere presence. It’s for this I usually go out, because lonely nights at home has been extremely poignant to me. And to a certain extent I feel secure and satisfied with Emerald levels. Although it can depend on my mood and crisis, I like getting in touch with friends, so Sapphire is going to represent these conversations and sharing ideas. And it’s very beneficial to me. However, the highest one, Ruby, is something I’m usually forced to do. It’s going out to parties, and being extroverted and shouty, which makes me feel extremely uncomfortable as it’s very… unme.

Aside from that, Aquamarine was also bearing this meaning I’m calling Topaz. It’s the world of luxurious illumination and expensive comfort. It differs from amber as that’s  middle-class comfort, while topaz is the classy room where you’re not supposed to touch anything. It’s in the malls and high-class environments. The Aquamarine is left with the littoraneous quality, palm trees, sound of waves, smell of seafood. It’s part of the Zircon and sense of place I have from living in Florianópolis.

There’s Pearl, which is the split marble from Amethysts to deal with sex. Considering I’ve always been extremely romantic, it didn’t even feel like it really needed this splitting, but it’s convenient for my purpose. This way I know better when there’s more lust than care. It’s a more physical part of the equation while Amethysts is more emotional. They still are strongly connected through the kiss, the touch, the perfume, and I don’t think Pearl, as the heated passion and sexual arousal, can be reached without any minimum amount of Amethyst before it. They feel to me as needed stages to build up the great climax.

And another new gem I’m bringing to the game is the Onyx. It was previously in quartzes and a little of it in Chrysoberyls too. It represents the world of videogames, entertainment world of movies, comic books, animes, cartoons. It’s about Nintendo, Playstation pixel art and music. It’s about overall on-screen and on-page activities. It’s with amber as in those rainy days when I’d be in my dark room trying to beat the robot sonic or discovering the star road in super Mario world. Or going out to Hyrule Field for the first time after defeating Queen Gohma in Ocarina of Time. There’s some Zircon in it as I have memories from getting home and watching cartoons and animes like Dragon Ball or Yu Yu Hakusho until late at night on tv. Onyx is a great name because I liked this Pokémon when I was a kid (It was Onix, though, I think). Here these previously gem-defying robots and vehicles can find their place too, I hope, so it’s something that can go with toys and even other children’s play. It’s something I used to do a lot when I was a kid, though I am not one of those who consider videogames child toys or anything.

Another splitting I’m doing is with Silver. I’m bringing Steel from it, to represent engineering feats and other machinery material. It’s the more realistic take on onyx robots and tanks. It can also go with some memories I have from this repair garage an uncle of mine used to have (there’s the smell of mechanical grease in Steel). Silver remains with the theoretical side of science, the elaboration of theories and explanations, graphs and charts.

I’ve been thinking about Copper, and the mere addition of prefixes seems to work very well and I didn’t expect that. So there’s Ancient Greek Copper, Arabic Copper, Medieval Copper, Renaissance, Hindu, African, Colonial Copper (which refers to Portuguese colonization of Brazil, and there’s a good amount of Aquamarine in it).

And here is a more experimental one, I am calling Diamond. I don’t know if it is a crest, but it works like the others. It calls, and rewards me when experienced. I’m calling Diamonds the search for new experiences and adventures. It shares layer with Hephaestus and Zhu Rong as it’s the thrill of exploration and discovery.

And here’s something that has been puzzling me. Some things related to the experimentation of the world. It’s basically Peridots as it comes with nature. I guess that the seasons can be prefixes to Peridot. For instance, Autumn Peridot is going to be about this autumnal sensation of reddish and brownish leaves and windy weather, or summer as hot days and fresh nights. But I wonder on some other elements of settings, and I’m trying now these gems I’m calling Setting Stones, referring to certain weather and time conditions. They are called Sunstone, as to daylight conditions, Moonstone, to nocturnal ambients. And then there is Rainstone, Cloudstone and Windstone. They have a quintessence that I recognize as components of certain mindscapes, but I have my doubts if this will work. Overall it’s the part that needs the most development for future versions.

So in this version my reliquary shows all these 27 gems, divided in groups. External Gems are the imagetic perception of the world, while internal is more about emotions and needs (Flames and Scourgers are like Internal Crests) I have my doubts on Opal, Amethyst and Gold, but that’s what I have for now:

External: Lazulite, Chrysoberyl, Garnet, Zircon, Peridot, Opal, Amber, Aquamarine, Topaz, Onyx, Pearl, Steel, Copper, Bronze, Silver. Sunstone, Moonstone, Rainstone, Cloudstone and Windstone.

Internal: Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Quartz, Diamond.