Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of open anthems

It’s been of my concern lately, to expect new ideas to come. But after so many months having those discoveries, I started thinking my fountain was starting to run dry. But my ideas don’t come from my mind. No, as the quintessential conversion goes, my mind just does the processing.

Somehow, I have to have my mind opened for new ideas to come. They are all around me, I just have to learn how to trigger them. They are closely connected to trances, but are they the cause or consequence? Either way, I have to learn of how trances can make me opened for ideas.

One of the problems I have towards being open for ideas is the causal thoughts, when some discoveries were made and my mind makes the assumption the ideas I have to find are like those I’ve been learning. For instance, as I felt I had done so much progress with my introspective research, it began to feel like I had to have discoveries merely with introspective efforts. So I have to be careful about the hardening of my mind through causal thoughts that can bring me to dreibergian closedness.

Being aware of the importance of this strange opening that occurs and how they are related to trances, it’s by paying attention to trances themselves that I now have one new edge to polish to make me busy in the study of understanding the trances.

Unfortunately, I have no clue as to how I can broad my sensibility other than the zephyr, amber and vortexes hypothesis. They help me knowing trances a little more, but I’m getting closer to it now. It just feels like I don’t know the next steps. But maybe I just need to keep analyzing these strange but amazing trance situations, like the T1010T 1300.1000 situation, from contact with silver crest, that brought me from sigma zone to highest Gamma levels.