Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of gem-defying crests

The most appealing experiences to me are still those that refuse to be tamed. They seem to present a lively challenge to me, and so the mysterious and sylvan can always be much more intriguing than all the ideas that I have here. In comparison these caged ideas look pale and dishonored.

No, I am still enjoying the crests that have become gems, as I am still fascinated with them all, from Zircon and Lazulites to the pleasure of novelty gems like Onyx and Topaz. And not only that, these new realizations have this sudden burst of spiced reality to them when I’ve first given them a name.

Still, it’s an interesting happening, the way my gems start having a good cover of my crests, but the ones that escape from me become more treasured. And the rarer these crests get, the more magical those experiences become.

It’s in the sudden mindscape that arouses high zephyrous levels that I feel this magic again. I can’t help but have a certain feeling of admiration for them to challenge me like this. To think of it, it’s the joy of having my quest to name my crests so fortunately unfinished.