Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of October Wars

As my own life changed dramatically in October, my emotions also entered in another wars. Quitting my job would unexpectedly make feel like bringing a big generation to an end, and with it I felt like several others were almost pulled along, like the efforts with this blog. It’s because I came back to having an uncertain future, and so doubts began.

It’s difficult to know exactly how quitting my job would be as an event in this story, but the point is that the instability allowed the Scourgers to have a perfect shot to return to power. The first attacks came from Iskald, destroying all the achievements I had accomplished, so all I’ve done through the year in the previous generations felt like the greatest waste of time. That way Csillag could just invade the protected lands and destroy everything it could.

Along came Ushag, but still wounded, but Frosq took the leadership. The Lead General and lead forces made relentless incursions towards south, and several other saboteers also joined this great victory of the Dark Army.

Every attempt to expel them with the forces of Zhu Rong and Trygve were useless. Though offering resistance, the Lead General eventually brought Zhu Rong down, and Trygve was specially powerless as he couldn’t do anything against someone like Frosq. And Frosq personally managed to poison Hephaestus, who went into delirium and a mortal fever. Their victory was almost complete, as the hazemakers trapped Áine, leaving Vesta also powerless against all these invading forces.

The life I was leading was over, it was time for a change. The places where I used to feel safe now were disturbing to my soul, and that meant the Dark Army gaining more grounds southwards. I am feeling obligated to move out and try a new life, and that means my Flames had to flee as well. But in a sudden confront between Vesta and Frosq, which could be either a battle or a dialogue, Frosq was unexpectedly thrown back as I could accept the world has no meaning at all, and suddenly the rare Vesta’s Spell worked and I had the first glimpse of hope and revival.

Frosq and the lead army suddenly retreated, but Frosq had a strange grin in his face. Vesta was startled by it, but couldn’t reach him. As they traveled south, the defeated flames had refuge in a distant land. It was an apparently peaceful place where they could recover.