Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of dam-breaking

Even after Scourgers are defeated, they have left their legacy. There are still impediments they bring upon me. This seems like the truest challenge. It’s no long Trygve’s military campaigns against the Scourgers, but again the duty of Zhu Rong and Vesta to recover the lands, but I find them still being much less obedient and dedicated than Trygve.

These impediments, obstacles can be roadblocks or even chasms, but I prefer having one smaller name to refer to them. I’m calling dams specifically those obstacles that prevent me from unleashing my potential. For instance, even if Ushag is defeated, I am still having a hard time being confident and being extroverted.

These dams are all over the place, and they make me feel so awkwardly repressed. Sometimes I can’t do a thing because of I am afraid of them, so it’s just a natural brake. If you are cheering for my desistance, then you can expect these dams and chasms to deter me.

However, sometimes I can feel so strong that I can break through these dams and unleash all that has been repressed. It’s hard to talk about them now another Scourger attack has been put me in a defensive position and it feels like they were all rebuilt, but I know that the feeling of dam-breaking is incredibly liberating and removes a great deal of weigh from my shoulders.