Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Black Obelisk Council

It bothers me the fact that the Flames and Scourgers have to engage in such a manichaeist war. I don’t want this good versus evil, because it is shown as every bad feeling has to be obliterated. No, they have their side to it all, just like the feelings the Flames represent have some negative side effects too (as there’s no feeling of loss coming from no attachment).

This is a stretch to the side of quintessences, as in a logical story the battling forces wouldn’t be good and evil. I feel kind of uncomfortable with that kind of dualism, because it’s not even something inherent to mythologies to have dualistic opponents like this. But fortunately for my story, my own emotions need to work in harmony too.

This Council of the Black Obelisk is to represent, in that story, this need for all to work as one. In this council, it is to be decided that the Scourgers have their importance, and they must be given space. They end up being tyrannical when they have their advantage, but so are the flames. They need to go in harmony!

There’s always retaliation on both sides, always extremes as one side is put completely aside. But my flames are trying to be just, and don’t like it when they get away and hide. In fact, most scourgers were absent from this council. It’s complicated to deal with them if they can’t show any sign of diplomacy…