Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Mental Modeling

Along some curious, mysterious and very fortunate abilities I seem to be able to do with my mind, one of my favorite is this natural ability of dealing with images in my head. It is one perennial ability that I can do quite frequently, though it is triggered most commonly in random moments. These images I can manipulate seem to belong to three different kinds.

First one, Regurgitation Modeling, which is basically something my mind does on its own. It’s the one I have least control, so it isn’t much about modeling but just seeing those images shape themselves. As regurgitation comes close to dreaming, it is rich in mixing all sorts of elements I’ve absorbed along the way.

The second one Vertice Modeling, is specifically dealing with tasting. It usually happens when I see pieces of machinery, ships or vehicles, so whens when I can think or see an object, and stretch its vertices and sides. It’s an exercise of imagination, so I can imagine it with different proportions and volumes.

The third one is something I’ll call Pareidolic Modeling, which is when I see random shapes and I can see a figure in it. For instance, spaceships on bathroom tiles. These figures I see are greatly original, and through this process of adjusting the lines I can mount the figure in my head.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to trigger them to happen, or to have them awakened. But I think it has to do with interest and imagination, and so practice helps me interact with the world in this very creative way. However, this ability is worth nothing if I am not able to make them into real images instead of just tasted and imagined figures.