Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of North and South

The quintessential rule here in creating the lands for this mythology is that it must encompass how I feel about the world. There are some paradoxes and strange twists, but the way I feel about the world is simply expressed by the notion of direction, of North and South, and how I simply feel everything being above me.

From my childhood the dichotomy was between east and west. I remember when I lived towards the interior deep into the west of the state, and the littoral would call my attention as it was where the capital city was, and the place my grandparents lived. It was something so unconscious I remember when I was a kid there was this unrelated road going east just towards some random district, but I always loved it how it felt leading me to this another world.

But today I seem to have accomplished this goal of reaching east, and even if there are remains from this attraction towards eastern things, today my geographical issues follow a vertical axis. I live so far down south that the whole of the world is just everything the north could represent to me. But that’s in an unconscious level that only sometimes I can perceive. When I look north, I see the world. When I walk north, there’s this very, very, very subtle thrill. It’s the overall direction towards the World. The direction to all I love and I fear.

So this is the geographical definition for my story. As a southern myself, this is my homeland, so I think it makes sense my Flames defend the southern lands and Scourgers live up in the northern, even northeast lands. Still, what step do I take next? Flames must go north towards Sfayi and Qareen? Or do I have to protect southern lands during Sigma Storms or something? And what lies in-between? And how can I connect it with the notion of exploration? Does Hephaestus use a ship while being sabotaged by scourging fleets? Eck.