Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of broken streams

One important detail I must not lose track is how some motifs come from charging the idea through the months. As this little text grows to become one huge idea and fractals into several minor ones, it is important that I can keep working on it until the grand realization comes. The problem is that sometimes there are so much of those streams that I can’t follow them all.

Along the way I’ve forgotten several ideas. Some deserved it, as sometimes I regret going into this naming spree, but others were part of an experimental but still intended design to see them streams charge for a future harvest. As these streams are cut from developing and growing, a potentially valuable motif is lost in the way.

Maybe recovering the streams isn’t much of a problem, but instead the issue is that, when thinking of it now, there’s no way I can keep all streams flowing (or there is? there you go, that hunger). It could be a disadvantage, but maybe I could make it converge to my advantage.

Though some broken streams did bring me harm, others shouldn’t be such a problem of having the stream interrupted, other than knowing they’ve been forgotten. It would be interesting if I could manage these streams exactly by opening and closing gates that would break or let streams flow.