Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Nachzehrer, Sackgasser and Fossegrim

Lately I’ve been thinking about how scourgers present themselves. Some disturb me with menacing whispering, while others deliver their attack with claw-ridden blows. These beasts are just chaos and terror. I wonder about Csillag being such a monster, though it feels to me it can growl some savage shouts. But there’s this other beast, the one I first noticed being originated from Sfayi’s domains that I am calling Nachzehrer.

This awesome name comes from the german folklore, a vampire/zombie monster. However, in my territory, it’s a more bulkier beast, though with undefined shaped. It makes it hard for me to breath (but it feels different than Lead Sorrow). When the world goes silent, this defunct monster comes alive again. He is free from the undersea dungeons, and from the shores he treads south. It doesn’t seem sentient, but just strives for destruction. It can hold all I can hold so dear and crush into pieces and the vision is hypnotizing as the sublime destruction happens.

Although it is a feeling I have so connected with Dark Amethysts, it also seems to be around when there’s any other loss (and loss itself seem to be a scourger I’ve been tasting lately, though I can’t force a name for him yet – though automatically brings the image of an ice wizard from frozen northern lands, I still have to see the approval of the Q. Rule). Honestly, Nachzehrer doesn’t represent a concise quintessence, as the name came long after the underwater beast first attacked me, and I had it mixed with other interpretations, so I have my eye on it for cracks.

Nachzehrer is very high in Omega/Sigma levels, though a steeper inclination towards Omega leads me to this almost theoretical feeling that for now, being into this Germanic vibe, I’ll call it Sackgasser. It refers to the dead-ends and feeling that all is over. It’s the feeling that all efforts were in vain and no damage can be repaired. In the character side of the string, it’s an apocalyptical beast that is dormant, and unlike other beasts, this is the ultimate one.

One very important thing about them is that, me as a person, I can’t escape from them when these feelings are here almost making me cry in despair. There’s few places I can go and just shut down my feelings, but zephyr winds are gone for good. Frosq seems to be around with the lead army every time I try to make an advance to fight back.

It’s in times like this that loneliness strike me the worst, and I call it Fossegrim. It’s not a beast like the others, but rather silent. It must be avoided, though, as he works like a shepherd of beasts like these. Eventually I can’t avoid the loneliness again, and when they manage to make my whole world black, somewhen the black opals will shine, and Trygve will give me strength to breathe it all in. Empty fields with lonely towers of rising smoke are left, so I can I try rebuilding my world.