Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of layered interpretations

It has become a very obvious crack to me over time how keeping one interpretation of how stuff works can make me very limited to the understanding of the whole thing. So, although I’ve not been doing it on purpose,  I think it’s good that I can keep alternate explanations to my feelings.

The greek states can make me see things the characters somehow blindfold my perception. Together Sigma, Haze, Scourgers and whatevers is to come will help me understand the situation and through different amulets like gems, flames and axioms I can make my way around them.

It can help me being more flexible about understanding myself, as being too focused in characters and battles sometimes I forget the point that I am supposed to deal with emotions and feelings inside me.

I must be careful when comparing things from different layers. For instance, calling scourgers when talking about gems, or even when I am talking about greek states. There’s a common point where these layers show similarities, so it’s good for practicing ungaping.

Layered interpretations can also be very useful for studying strings. As I can grow more aware of the layer in which the interpretation is in, it becomes easier to ungap the omissions other versions had.