Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Exponential Fractalization

One charging realization I’ve been perceiving lately, mostly because of Gems and Scourgers, is how one definition, concept or overall creation can be split into several others. It could be the natural evolution of the process of having ideas. As I spend more time with it, I can grow more perceptive towards its essence, so there’s an increased perception of different shades inside it.

If I feel a dissident shade nearby, I must be careful when letting it stay with the original one, which is something I usually do. That whispers to me like a problematic crack. I can ignore it, expecting the crack not to grow to menace bigger parts of the structure. So this fractalization can be a mindtrap, though being aware of it also lets me be more careful about it.

It’s a tiresome work, though, as those fractalizations could expand indefinitely, and that makes my management much more complicated. The Layered Method helps me with that, but I must break concepts and quintessences in fractals first and slowly.