Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of coreless learning

Themes keep being repeated in here against my will. It’s just natural how I end up thinking of allegories and layers, and I think I wouldn’t ever noticed I had a taste for these subjects if it wasn’t by simply writing down everything coming to my mind and noticing this is what is always coming out of it.

Although it could be annoying to keep talking about it, I know there’s probably something good to eventually come out of it if I am just careful enough not to repeat myself but always try to add something new to it. So here I am trying again to rehearse my thoughts on one of these subjects that are always around here (and maybe it starts becoming something more than scattered ideas connected through a feeble needlework).

I am thinking about learning something not only as the steps, but knowing the importance of the tools and techniques used. One has to avoid superficial learning, avoid learning the repetition of a formula without knowing its core. It has to do with knowing something from the inside out. That’s what makes mathematics so difficult for me to grasp them. They give me this formula, and I have to use Pi, but why that again? What is Pi being used here? (No one has ever really bothered explained why the hell it is that important) What do these symbols stand for? What do they represent and why are they here?

This can be a mindtrap, as it doesn’t represent learning at all, and it shows by how easy it becomes to forget them (I don’t remember almost any complex math formulas anymore). One can learn how to cook something but only know how many eggs and how much water and oil the recipe indicates. If something goes wrong or they need to change dimensions, one needs to know what will fix the problem, knowing that wheat strengthens the dough or eggs glue things together, for instance (I’m not much of a cook, but you know what I mean,).

One who doesn’t get the grasp of this core, the important undercurrent characteristic behind logistics, will probably get overwhelmed by the situation, whereas knowing of the importance of seeing sprites out of everything enables the individual to pretty much throw in working solutions.

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