Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of creativity (a lifetime pursuit)

Strange how I should be thankful to those beatings I’ve been having. Perhaps one big punch is needed for us to find our way. If things didn’t happen the way they did I think this day I wouldn’t be forced to find my focus and purpose in life. And I suddenly created something for me to hold on while everything is being washed away.

I want to deal with all that has to do with creativity. That’s what I think my purpose in life is and I accept it with my open arms. This is what I want to pursuit for the rest of my life and I don’t need to think twice. This is to be my area of mastery. I want to know all there is about creativity, I want to learn and teach how creativity works. I want to be an expert on the subject.

First thing first, I need to prove myself creative. I must learn it well and convince people I know what I am doing so they will listen to me. And that must be the first part of the program. This is the learning period, I must take all I can for knowing how creativity works.

Creativity is a broad area, so I want to focus in this area of visual creation. There’s also the creativity that’s involved with breaking rules and paradigms and dogmatic impositions. I want to work on that too. I am not one of these quick-thinking people who come with witty playwords or instantaneous resolutions, but I don’t think I am less a creative person because of that (as I always assumed).

And here I also want to study in academic terms. I want to get involved in psychology and read a lot about the cognitive process and how the mind works. And I can also use all my areas of interest such as anthropology and pedagogy. The most amusing and relieving part of it all is that it’s not nearly close to a confining commitment I would expect it to be. It doesn’t exclude my interests, but instead it even wraps everything up in one amazing ordering droplet.

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