Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of a mechanical psyche

Once in a while I wonder about doing everything all by my self, with these rudimental tools I have. I have this strange fright that I could be doing something incredibly stupid. After all, I’m putting myself in the risk of cutting the wrong metaphorical artery. And I apply this doubt on the matter of treating my mind like a machine.

Involuntarily I’ve settled for the basic principle that mind works through cogs and buttons of its own. But then I think that there’s not much happening to make me stop thinking so. So far it’s working. There are these seemingly random events of the mind, but they are just insanely complex patterns, but I can understand how the inspirational trance and even dreams work. I am finding I can really understand my mind and even optimize it through this methodology, so should I really stop doing it?

I can understand pretty perfectly the notion of subjectivity. That is, what works for me doesn’t work for others, (though I know by the way people express themselves crest work for them at least roughly like they happen to me), and that’s the point that doesn’t go against the subjectivity: it works for me. If someone else finds it works for them too it’s a plus, but so far it’s really the study of my own mind, my own intrapersonal language. It’s something that no class or teacher can do.

Maybe people oppose to it as it could feel like destroying the magic, but isn’t that the price of progress? I can find the faulty cogs that create disturbance and neurosis, and the proper care and maintenance lets it run smooth. As for the magic, the remaining sylvan mystery gets even more enticing and seductive.

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