Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of unimagined new worlds and cultures

It’s so wonderful to be back with this new force and energy again. I feel renewed and ready to go on with all my dreams. It’s like I had a cleansing bath and the embracing wind is more zephyrous than ever. I don’t want to lose a single moment of this while I free my soul to run around the world tasting everything the same way an imprisoned person now rediscovers the pleasures of the world.

The whole world out there is calling for me. All these countries, all these names and cultures. All spices and stuff to be tasted and absorbed. And my dreams regurgitate whole new figures, whole new worlds and cultures and possibilities of creation. Hephaestus’ joyful laughter can be heard everywhere again.

While at it I wonder what it takes for a new world and culture to be created? I mean a completely new one, not the old trick of simply going surrealist or trying meso-american inspired cultures. No, it’s something that could be a civilization like any other one in this world.

Is it the amalgam of combined cultures that can bring a new formation with an identity of its own? But what about the existing ones? Where did the chinese, hindu, slavic or irish people get their influences to interpret the world like they did? Was it the nature surrounding them being so influential or is there something else?

It seems this year I will have to go deep into anthropological studies.

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