Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of ideas, ideas and ideas

So I am really involved in this for a long time, this process of having ideas. There is a moment of quaint realization as I think about how much my life has been soaked with the notion of ideas. I am trying so hard to have ideas, and each month I must have one great idea. But what’s the deal with it? What even is an idea?

The kind of idea I use the most here is the, say, model ideas. They are those used to understand the world. That’s what I do the most in here, trying to see patterns so I can, um, foresee them and be prepared for them or something like that. And also I know it’s one of my objectives in here, I want to have ideas on how ideas work. But that’s so short of a use for something so wonderful: ideas are for everything.

One type of idea I’d like to be more specialized on is the tool-kind of ideas. They are used by those with a very practical view of the world, and they use their power of having ideas to solve problems. It’s the kind of idea that is practical and give the concept such a praise: they change the world. However, I know that the model ideas are very important too. If anything, the tool ideas aren’t worth a shit if the model is flawed.

Other type of idea seems to be the aesthetical idea. It’s the use of visuals and creation of new shapes. It’s kind of the world of fiction and abstract ideas. And from those three, apparently the aesthetical ideas are the most superficial, but one thing I’ve ever learned is how arts, for instance, have the power of creating enthusiasm and creativity. It seems to enhance statistics around the matter of being stimulated to have ideas.

And that is one very short thought on it. Is it just three classes of ideas? I don’t think this will be like the gems when they could get to hundreds, but there could be more, of course (mainly subdivisions). It took some 15 minutes to think of it and I know it’s pretty underdeveloped, but I feel this is good as the beginning of this amazing new thread that will apparently order and focus my power to generate ideas.

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