Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of fluent exploration

There is one of my earliest ideas, or, to be more precise, one of the ideas I first developed in this place that I remember being quite useful. It’s the idea of template (used to be formulation if I’m not mistaken) and fluency, but eventually they were put into a drawer as I started thinking about other matters.

Somehow they came back without an actual delta travel and I was lucky to make the connection between the emotional response and the original name. It could easily have been a returning quintessence, but it wasn’t, thanks. I am glad the idea feels solid enough, even an early idea like that, so I feel nice to have it back. Plus, now I can use it with these new ideas I’ve been having, like the ideas of vertices.

So I need a template, which is the basic formula, and fluency is how I can explore the structure of vertices. It’s about how I am getting more comfortable with all these vertices I have so I can start juggling with them and even adding some more vertices to the table. It’s when I feel comfortable with words and going with this amusing alliteration that is just getting easier. It’s about dealing with shapes more easily, and drawing things with more comfort to explore them and see new combinations when getting the simple template right was a struggle already.

There’s one awkward realization I’ve been having, though. It’s how I feel how fluency feels really distant sometimes. It’s about the lack of mind-enhancing trances, and the way I can feel my skills feel incredibly unstable. I hope it’s just part of the spinning process, though. Maybe it’s a matter of practicing until these peaks are aligned…

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