Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of Hume’s Hunt

I’ve never been too keen on high philosophy. In a way’s it’s greatly due to my laziness and lack of effort, but also some philosophers simply don’t trigger in me that excitement of thinking. On the contrary, the philosophy as I was first introduced to usually makes me feel quite underwhelmed.

So it’s unusual for me to quote philosophers in here, and I quite know there’s a price to it. But in the latest times I’ve stumbled upon the works of this man whose thoughts I’ve found really attractive to me. I think my thoughts correspond to the thoughts David Hume had.

One of the reasons I like Hume is because of his thoughts on ideas, impressions, perceptions, inward and outward sentiments. I find it really facilitates my life by finding out there’s someone else who sees things like I do and quests for the things that I do . His “of delicacy of taste and passion” seems like written by me, and not simply because of his “of…” titles.

Although there’s a lot for me to read about him, I am feeling very compelled to read all of his work, and yeah, now I feel why people enjoy talking about their favorite philosophers. It’s like they had a patron for their thoughts. And it’s nice to have found a new thread to get my own work to become more aesthetically philosophical. It’s as if the loneliness and insecurity were starting to wear off…

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