Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of Fictionalization

As unfortunate as it was to keep finding forgotten Mental Abilities for the inventory, it’s at the same time fortunate that my arsenal is growing wider. There are several of them I wish to talk about so it can make for an updated inventory, but while I keep finding them, I’ll talk about this little boy.

This is an ability I’ve once mentioned a long, long time ago, in a September 2011 post called “invading waves and magic defensive skills”. I see I’ve called it “Protection Rail”, but when I think about it, it’s seems to be more like a class than the skill itself. During the whole of 2012 it seems I had it forgotten, but now I’m delta-retrieving it and boy I should have done it before.

As it happens, I see my situation happening to some character. It’s some sort of schadenfreude thing, though it isn’t as wicked. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but it could be like the feeling it can happen to someone else and I am not alone experiencing this. It feels silly that I am so lonely I need to resort to this, but then again art wouldn’t exist if we had simpler ways to catharse our sorrows away.

And the interesting part is that it happens through spells, and not a decision of analyzing my situation and bringing it fictitious. It’s instantaneous and it’s very, very effective. After all, the exact feeling as I know is there, outside me. By telling others I would have to express it through inaccurate words and their recognition wouldn’t possibly be the same.

Though it usually happens through this instant spell that can be the simple act of passing my bad luck, blunders and bereavement to this poor fictional ragdoll, I can also try to do it more manually, and I believe I can also develop it to become a more elaborate metaphor, like changing scales from individual to national. If I understand the allegorical quintessence a little better, I’ll be able to do wonders.

I won’t ever let myself forget it, because this trick is a key mental ability to both live and survive life. That is, it doesn’t simply lighten my soul, but brings me creative material. It’s like finding a way to make waste to become a source of energy. It’s both a nuclear victory and converging advantage.

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