Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of quaintified peace

All psychological events have this certain formula to them. It might be a little dangerous to add this mechanicist approach to something like the human mind, but I haven’t stumbled upon its terrible dangers yet. And I know these quaint moments are created somehow, and I think it’s important to see the path towards them. After all, trances also seem random, but I’ve got some advance in knowing where they come from.

And although quaint moments can be harmful as they are close to distancing meaninglessness, it’s not something inherently perilous. As though it has these negative feedbacks, there is also some positive ones. And one of those is how peace can be achieved through it.

Why am I sad? Why am I suffering because of people?

Apparently negative feelings are in the range of quaint realizations too, and I hope it can very well be used to null out these sigma storms. This is another pattern I have to examine from scratch, and I am afraid I won’t have this Vestal technique ready for the next sigma storm…

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