Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of daily charging (spellwork)

Although feeling generally better and slightly stronger, I’ve noticed I still need some sort of warm up to get ready for the fight. It’s like I reached a moment when I need to constantly recharge my batteries for facing the world.

This daily charging seems to occur with little pieces of nice feelings that, in a zephyrous fashion, make the air feel fresher. It’s those little mindscapes that happen here and there and slowly I feel more confident.

There’s something about spells in here, as the mindscape creates this instantaneous patch that feels like heal. Usually some nice olivines can do the trick, acting like healing herbs. And so these little spells recharge me.

But spells use crests, not powerful or lasting. And it worries me that recharging is much more expensive than the consumption, which is how it usually goes in the omega condition. However, this is a year I’ll do my best to hold omega-sigma situations away because I don’t want my time wasted with negativity.

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