Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of a melody for recovery

All hymns for Hephaestus have the same element in common: they are usually euphoric and overwrought pieces of music. And one of these days when I was feeling the triumphant return of my main flame, and there was this piece of music coming to my mind. It wasn’t RMUS neither QMUS, because I knew exactly which song it was.

It was Gate XIII by Angra. It’s one of my favorite types of songs, an instrumental orchestrated medley with all themes used along the album. But it was a small part of the song that called my attention. There’s a moment when the song seems to come to a still, and suddenly there’s this arpeggio bringing back all the energy of the song.

This is what I mean by allegorical quintessence. This is how the feeling of the incoming power of Hephaestus is like in the shape of music. It’s the feeling of the burning flame, of recovered passion, of life that returns.

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