Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of Lex Nova (safeguarded dreams)

One of the earliest idealizations I remember having, or, at least, the earliest affirmation of my ambitions as close as it is today, is the idea of Duodominium. Basically it represents the idea of preventing myself from lurking around corners but exploring the other extremes. For instance, having the technique of a classical painter but also a child’s imagination. And along with it, there are other ideals I’ve been creating for my dreams and that I’ve been recalling and give me some enthusiasm.

I feel a little enthusiastic because now these dreams are coming true. At least I’m having my story here and I am developing my drawing skills and there are so visions in my head and there’s the chance for me to try all these things I’d always dreamt of doing. All these ideas of pace and art, of interactions and combinations. All the things I felt could be improved if I had the chance to do all these things. I want to study anthropology and art and psychology and physics and I want to see what is coming out of it. I want to explore all logistics of tools and medias to create the greatest experience.

What motivates me to go on is that I see things no one seemed to be doing and I wanted them to be done (sometimes when I see someone coming with an idea I had I feel a mix of joy and jealousy but also a sense of having one less thing to do). And as I’m getting the chance to do them, I don’t want to forget all these ideals I used to have. There are so many details I see missing in the works of art I consume that I don’t want them to be ignored as my own work becomes something that is just, well, without these elements that are so inherently mine.

I don’t want to abuse latin names because their amazing aura of imposing glory would shine out if I had so many of them, but once in a while some deserve it, so I’m calling this the Lex Nova, a certain refreshment of this delta-retrieved treasures from my deep past (Duodominium being one of these, maybe all them could be latin names so I get them in a pattern too?). This name is a delta anchor for me not to forget the intense creative ideals I used to have, that now as a grown up I might easily forget as these things are in my hands. The mindtrap I need to fight here is Dreiberg’s Blindfold, the routinely behavior that dries out all the passion, but I won’t ever forget why I am here.

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