Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Aftergoal Sphere

Life is always ahead of me. While naming seems to me my main tool for defeating wild essences and emotions around me, new ones arise despite and sometimes even because of that. There are always new resulting haunting menaces. There will always be.

After one major challenge is conquered, one would expect peace is to come. And indeed it seems to happen - sometimes, it’s not a sure outcome. And even still it’s a brief and passing moment, just to be conquered again to be tasted a little more. It’s because, unfortunately, those new places to reach eventually become common place.

New trophies shine ahead, and whatever was behind is strongly refused to revisit again (even if it once had been exactly one position that I would once dream of). The more I travel life, the more I seem to be involved in this certain sphere-like projection circling my life. And in this sphere, there are some promised lands ahead, and some forbidden places left behind.

Fortunately, the previous state, seemingly inadmissible seems to be just a harsh rejection resulting of a vicious attachment to the higher place. As going backwards shouldn’t be treated like the end of the world, it would be just illusory.

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