Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of sylvan and weighty ideas

Causal Adherence is an idea that I’ve been sieging for a long time before this sudden epiphanic insight to a name that makes me feel very satisfied and relieved. But there’s something to it that makes me feel like the exploration here is not done. It’s a neighboring sylvan quintessence that shows close when this one is around.

As hard as it was to feel this one idea just enough to try describing it, this other one will probably take a lot of time too. As they involve deep introspection, they are very difficult to materialize (which makes naming in such cases such a victorious and rewarding feeling), and this one that follows Causal Adherence feels even more massive to be comprehended.

This chasing of sylvan quintessences is what usually makes my mind feel so overloaded, as they require extraordinarily demanding sieging enterprises. It’s still annoyingly distant for my perception, and although it keeps on being this weight for  not being unloaded, my fear is that it might go into expiration before I can make even a little annotation of it...

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