Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Convergent (or Divergent) Advantages (or Disadvantages)

It’s interesting how some actions we do are done with an impulse that is only later understood. Though rare, sometimes choices I do bring advantages I start uncovering just a long time after, as if deep in some layer of consciousness I would know how to use the bright circumstances to my advantage.

Although it goes against my usual approach, it turns out once in a while we are presented with possibilities that are made mostly of positive feedbacks.  For instance, here on this blog, most of the feedbacks are positive. Here I can practice writing and rhetorical experiments, here I can practice imaginative wonderings, and here I feel much exposed too, which is also something I need to overcome, and etc.

Maybe it’s not like negative feedbacks don’t exist, but rather they can be used to my advantage. It can be in our hands to choose whether letting those feedbacks diverge or even converge to disadvantage and use it as an excuse for our failure, or make them converge together to reach to the objective we are aiming for.

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